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Get Ready for our Camera Experience with Canon Eos M Utility

The system of Canon Eos M can be the newest technology, but not all people know this system. This type of Canon is designed for those who need a high-quality camera and can replace the lens. Most of the users of the pocket camera want photos like a DSLR camera but do not want to be burdened by carrying a camera and a lens weighing 1-2 kg.

This type of Canon also is designed to overcome the competition in the mirrorless system that has begun to develop lately. There are Olympus PEN, Panasonic G, Fuji X, Nikon 1, and the others. The successful Canon in compact cans DSLR cameras certainly does not want to be left behind.

This Canon Eos M has some specifications, those are the image sensor of APS-C CMOS 18 MP, and it is equal with most of other DSLR camera Canon, either from beginner to sophisticated (650D, 700D, 60D, and D). Yet, the difference is weight and size. The Canon EOS M pair and zoom standard are around 450 g. While beginner DSLR cameras Canon and standard kits weigh less than 1 kg.

This type of camera has some utilities. Those utilities are:

  1. To help the beginner.

Some beginners are suitable for this type of camera because they will control the camera manually using the capacitive touch screen. Although it does not have a viewfinder, this camera provides the external flash which connects to hot-shoe.

  1. To give the high quality of the image.

It also provides the users with a 22mm f/2.0 lens so the picture or the result will have a high quality. It seems like having a Sony NEX-7 for the users because it has a noise at ISO.

  1. To record videos

Besides it used for taking pictures, the utility of Canon Eos M is for recording videos. Although the autofocus does not work well, it still has an excellent result as a T4i camera.

When you want to purchase this type of camera, you should recognize that the advantages of being the simple of designs, the excellent performance of autofocus, and the high resolution for touchscreen is easy to operate. Meanwhile, the weakness of this type of camera is that the flash is not installed, the lens is limited, cannot connect to WiFi/GPS, and the battery runs out quickly. You need to determine whether you will choose this type of camera or not.

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