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RF Lenses Review On The Canon EOS R 

The Canon EOS R is a rival to other popular mirror less cameras such as Nikon, Panasonic and Sony. This camera has 30.3 megapixels resolution and makes it in the mid quality of the Nikon Z6 and Sony Alpha A7 which have already been released. There are other additional features that can be used easily by Canon EOS utility.

RF Lens On The Canon EOS R Camera

The Canon RF lens has the same diameter size as the Canon EF, which is only 54 millimeters. The difference is in the proximity of the sensor that only 20 mm. Therefore, this camera lens is able to make the image capture more concise. Here are the excellences of RF lenses:

  • Fast data transmission speed (12-pin connection)
  • Enhanced image stabilization system
  • There are additional control rings that can be customized

Fully Articulated Screen Design

Compared to Canon DSLR cameras, the EOS R has a slimmer design. This camera is paired with a 24–105mm f / 4 L IS USM RF lens. Ergonomic impression is obtained from this camera because it has larger body and hand grip dimensions. Although it tends to be large compared to other mirror less cameras like the Sony Alpha A7 III, the results of these camera shots tend to be of good quality.

In terms of design, the Canon EOS R has a cool and trendy modern look. The camera is made of material that is resistant to extreme weather, namely magnesium alloy material. This camera has dimensions of 136 x 98 x 84 mm and weighs 660 gr.

There is a 2.1 million dot touch screen feature of 3.2 inches. The screen has a fully articulated technology, which means it can be rotated up to 180 degrees. This feature is certainly a favorite of content creators and videographers.

The Canon EOS R has a hand grip that is large enough to make it easy to hold. All that is needed to do exposure settings is available on the dial button.

To adjust the shutter speed, you just press the main dial button near the shutter button. To set the aperture value, all you have to do is press the quick control dial button. Meanwhile, if you want to adjust the white balance, just press the M-Fn button. These buttons are easily used with Canon EOS R utility.

The Canon EOS R is indeed rich in new features and superior RF lenses. In addition, the design of this camera is so attractive and easy to carry.

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