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Create Your the Best Experience with Canon Eos T7i Utility 

The Canon EOS Rebel T7i digital camera, also known as the EOS 800D, has just been released along with the EOS 77D. Both of them share many features. However, the T7i became the first DSLR in Canon’s Rebel lineup to include the DIGIC 7 image processor, which allows this new camera to offer a wider ISO range than the T6i. This new Rebel camera from Canon seems to bridge the entry-level DSLR users with camera users who are higher level.

The Canon EOS Rebel T7i has a normal DSLR design, though not a large DSLR. It weighs only 17.1 ounces or 485 grams and has dimensions of 131mm long, 100mm wide, and 76mm thick. With the size of the body, although when held it is somewhat chunky but still fairly comfortable, coupled with the existence of shortcut buttons in several areas of the body to be all feel responsive and comfortable.

This Canon EOS Rebel T7i camera also has an interesting set of tasks, with one command button located on the top deck of the camera which has a toothed and sharp texture and rotates well, and offers different feedback and allows precise settings to change. If the user wants to shoot in manual mode and control the shutter speed and aperture, it is better to use the shutter speed control button unless the user presses the Av/exposure compensation button on the back of the camera when turning the button, which then adjusts the aperture.

Overall, the Canon EOS Rebel T7i is an Entry-Level DSLR camera that has a cool and comfortable design to use, especially for novice users who want to learn about photography. Besides, the laying of a user-friendly lock screen with a touch screen is very good. Furthermore, this type of Canon has some utilities and weakness. The Canon Eos T7i utilities are:

  1. The camera body is comfortable and user-friendly. So, it will make users easy to operate.
  2. It has excellent touch screen performance
  3. It has good autofocus performance
  4. It has Dual Pixel CMOS AF for live view and video
  5. There is a DIGIC 7 Processor that can improve the overall performance of the camera very well.

On the other hand, the weaknesses are:

  1. The image quality is good, but it is not the best
  2. The optical viewfinder does not offer full-frame coverage (non-full frame)

Furthermore, it is important for those who want to purchase this type of Canon to recognize the utilities and the weakness of the camera. It will minimize losses to be received for the users.

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