Canon EOS Utility 5D Mark II

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Canon EOS Utility 5d Mark II, A Legendary Camera from Canon

Although it has been categorized as Old Products by Canon, the EOS 5D Mark II still has its own charm. This camera is the successor of the Canon 5D includes legendary products from Canon. This camera was released in 2008 and has excellent features that were among the best in its class. Using these features will be easier with the Canon EOS Utility.

The excellence of Canon EOS 5D Mark II

  • A full-frame camera with high resolution but low prices. This camera has a resolution of 21 MP, and the price is 3 times cheaper than the Nikon D3X at the time.
  • The first DSLR camera that can record 1080 pixel HD video.
  • This camera is among the best-selling from Canon and has a successor named the Canon 5D Mark III.

Image Quality by EOS 5D Mark II

With a resolution of 21 MP camera, the image is quite amazing. Display images appear sharper. This camera was much favored by many people. In addition, the price is cheaper than other competitors.

The image quality is very good with ISO 1600 sensitivity. The colors produced are more natural than full-frame cameras in its class. It is easier to adjust exposure and white balance even in low light conditions.

Used to Produce TV Shows

Since it was released, this camera does bring its own surprises. His popularity was really fantastic at that time. This camera is famous among photographers and videographers because of its ability to record full-HD video.

This camera is used in several TV show productions, films, and serials. For example, The Avengers, House, and Saturday Night Live. As you well know, the Nikon D90 camera is the first camera that can record video. But some time later, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II was released which was able to record high-quality video.

Currently, the EOS 5D Mark II camera in a new state is indeed quite difficult to find because it is categorized as Old Product. But the kit version you can get with the EF 24-105L F4 IS USM lens. Canon then released the successor of this camera namely the EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 6D whose features are getting richer and can be operated easily using the Canon EOS Utility 5D Mark II.

This camera is indeed very popular among photography lovers. The image result is amazing, the same as is the video.

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