Canon EOS 80D Utility Software is Makes your computer connected with

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Canon EOS 80D Utility Software Make your computer connected with

Canon EOS 80D, is an old camera released in March 2016 and is still used by many people today. It is released as the impact of the successor camera before viz. Canon EOS 70D. Unlike previous generations, its camera has improved on autofocus, dynamic range, resolution and headphone jack, and flip display as an addition.

Features on Canon EOS 80D

Canon 80D uses a 24MP with an APS-C sensor installed with the DIGIC processor at the 6th generation. Besides, compared to the previous, higher resolution is also offered by Canon EOS 80D in video recording. If the previous doesn’t have 1080p/60 FPS, Canon 80D has it.

A build GPS feature was also added. It’s going to use for the traveler. The shutter speed of up to 7.0fps, which Canon offered, makes it easy to shoot the moving object. However, the model and built quality are the same as before.

Canon makes this camera a semi-professional camera. Indeed, you would still be able to bring out this camera for meeting clients and going to work together. Even though it already becomes an old camera, this camera is still used by any photographer because of its extraordinary ability and durability that the camera has.

As a professional photographer, you have additional toll such as a monitor to preview the detailed result directly or download the photo from the camera if you have full memory. A laptop or computer is the most important thing to support the action. If you want it, the additional software you need is EOS Utility.

What is EOS Utility?

Canon has been served software called EOS Utility that is compatible with Canon EOS 60D and 80D. It can control your camera remotely from pc and exchange data. Because you have a canon EOS 8D Camera, make sure you use Canon EOS 80D Utility Software. Only with the software itself can you remotely control your Canon EOS 8D.

The way to Install and download the software is straightforward and does not waste much time. Just go to the official website of Canon and find the EOS Utility software driver there. This software is also compatible with the Operating systems of Windows and Mac and 25 types of cameras that have ever been released.

The tutorial on connecting Canon EOS utility with Canon EOS 80D is the same as any camera. You can check it out in the articles before.


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