Canon EOS Utility 600D: How do I connect to the PC?

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Canon EOS Utility 600D is software from Canon that makes you efficiently transferring data from the camera to PC and controlling the camera remotely from PC. Its software, in particular, made for a canon series camera. Almost all of the canon cameras can use this software, likewise Canon 600D. It’s mean you need to connect your camera to the PC to transfer the data and control it. Here we go, we will show you the way to connect your 600d to the computer easily.

With EOS Utility, I believe, every photographer will be made easy with the features offered. Photos can be easily previewed through the PC, and for sure, it will make the maximum photo results because we quickly see the photo’s detail. Besides, you can also save the results directly to a PC. So it does not make the memory card full of the images file of yours. Canon 80D EOS Utility DSRL Camera in 2020.

Material to Connect 600D to the PC

  1. Canon 600D camera
  2. Compatible USB Cable
  3. PC (Computer / Laptop)
  4. EOS Utility Software


  1. Looking for EOS Utility Software for 600D

If you have a CD Driver form your purchase package, insert your cd drive to your PC and find EOS Utility software to install it. But, if you don’t, go to the official website of Canon to download then install it. Make sure you download EOS Utility that compatible with your camera. If you use CD Driver, find the CD location at My computer, but if you download from the internet, you can find the file anywhere because you freely save it anywhere.

  1. Connect 600D to PC with the compatible USB Cable

Next, you need to connect your camera by USB cable to the camera and make sure that you have turned on your camera. Don’t try to connect your USB cable if the camera was off. It will be useless.

  1. Install EOS Utility Software for 600D

Install EOS Utility software as the most general program. Waiting until the installation is done, then restart your PC.

  • Click the software installation
  • Select your area
  • Click easy installation

You will get the information about various software that will be installed automatically, don’t worry about it, just let it go

  • Click Install
  • Restart your PC

Checklist restart computer immediately

  1. Open EOS Utility Software

Click Camera setting or remote setting

Congratulation your camera has been connected to the PC and ready to control with your PC

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