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Canon EOS 70D is a DSLR camera that can be used to record many videos, especially for people who love to use live view image capture with orderliness. The weakness of this camera is only in the Creative Filter setting, that makes the users quite upset.

Canon EOS 70D Features

Canon EOS 70D has some new features, but basically, this camera still adopts the other EOS DSLR. Here are the features.

  1. Canon Digic 5 Processor

This processor is the same as the other Canon DSLR camera. The reason for using this process is the ability to manage data is incredible, make the process of taking continuous pictures easier until 7fps, the range of ISO starts from 100 until 12,800, and it can be widened until 25,600.

  1. The Best Touch Screen

Behind this camera, there are some familiar and the same features as the other Canon EOS. The features are the 3-inch size and corner of touchscreen -1,040k- the variable point just like EOS 700D. Adaptation of this feature is very good; thus, the quality of HD EOS video is so much better. This feature really supports the recording of full HD video on 30, 25, and 24p, which is as good as HD standard on 60 and 50p. Besides that, this camera is supported by an external microphone.

  1. Full HD Video Recorder

Since 2009, APS-C Canon DSLR has a sensor with 18MP resolution, which shows a redesigned unit. The pixels are upgraded to 20.2MP with Dual Pixel CMOS technology. This sensor show AF detection technology in a chip mode with double photosensitive on every pixel and based on needs to use AF to get contrast on video and moving picture mode. The result is AF performance faster to take usual pictures and transform the picture perfectly from AF on moving pictures and video or film.

  1. Wi-Fi Connection

Canon EOS 70D camera has a Wi-Fi connection inside the camera. This connection facilitates the users to transfer pictures from camera to other gadgets such as smartphone or tablet with Canon EOS applications.

  1. Equipped with Built-in Flash 70D

This feature is so amazing because the users can point the lens to the objects because this camera can point to twelve ways. This camera is also added with flash circle off-camera from compatible flashguns. The users have choices to control this camera by using the application.

  1. Canon EOS Utility 70D Download

Canon EOS Utility 70D can be downloaded if you need an easy way to transfer photos from Canon EOS 70D camera to computer. The result is you can process all photos at one time or select some pictures that you want. EOS 70D utility software can be downloaded in a package with Digital Photo Specialist and ImageBrowser EX. If the software is an error, you have to download it from Make sure the operating system of your computer or other gadget is suitable so the download process will run smoothly.

This DSLR camera is suitable for Canon users who want to move on from triple-digit DSLR or just upgrade the double-digit camera. You will be happy to use this camera. Have some right shot!

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