Canon EOS Utility 3

Canon EOS Utility 3

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Canon EOS Utility 3 becomes perfect for digital photography. How does it work?

Canon EOS Utility 3 has been known as a kind of Canon EOS Utility that works to be the perfect software for professional and perfect digital photography. Because photography is an adventure that has a high value of life, so it must consider the aspects needed to get photos with a beautiful and greatest touch.

Know more about the parts that make Canon EOS Utility 3 worthy of accompanying your photography activities. Here were some get started;

  • Remotely control from a WiFi connection

It’s the part that has been developed so that you can use the WiFi connection within range. A comfort of photography sensation on long-distance efficient must try.

  • Download images from your memory card to computer

Downloading and displaying images is in your hand. It can easily be done from a memory card to your computer.

  • Editing the camera settings

By adopting on Canon EOS Utility 3 feature, you can improve lighting, color, focus in a shooting. Edit camera settings are one of the most important parts that will affect the results of your photos. Editing support will help you in your adventure in the world of photography.

  • Activate remote shooting

To activate remote shooting, it can be done using the camera set. Then, you can add the owner’s names, register the lens aberration to the correction data and copyright information. When you run each of them on your computer mouse following the text description in three options it will clarify each command’s function.

  • Suitable for Mac and Windows

This feature will be equipped with complete access to Mac and Windows. A development that has been enhanced in user needs. Your live view pictures can be displayed on the monitor directly and fully resolution controlled. Canon EOS Utility 3 at once as an application and software for communicating with cameras supporting user activities as an upgrade performs of Canon EOS Utility 2 software for controlling via Mac and Windows remotely.

Bringing freely on the product EOS Utility software of Canon offering fantastic services to be proud.  At first view, it looks like a tiny camera on most other cameras. But the distinctive features make it elegant and special after it is equipped with EOS Utility software. It gets started by many advantages after upgrading from earlier versions. Who would have thought technology development today is growing rapidly. While the beauty of photography makes it possible to increasingly collaborate with increasingly sophisticated technology.

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